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Research professor, music producer, sound engineer and Music Therapist.

My mission is to professionalize the cultural and entertainment industries in Mexico, in regard for gender equality in the arts through cultural events that strengthen the participation of Mexican women and girls.

I am part of the international non-governmental association Sound Girls that seeks connect women around the world to build a support network for professionals of the audio, from employability to the fight against bullying.


I am currently working in public health programs for vulnerable populations as single mothers, street children, adults in abandonment situation, in conjunction with the CDMX government for the CAIS (Social Assistance and Integration Centers), through music and art in order to transformation and integration.


Since 2017, I led the social service program to Support and promote culture in Mexico, where every week we attend professional musicians to record for free  in the recording studios  of Tec de Monterrey at CDMX region.


In the education field I am currently the director of the Engineering Career in Music Production on Campus Mexico City and academic advising of the new degree in technology and musical production.

I am a business consultant for the most important Cultural Institutions in CDMX and the country: CENART, INBA, National Conservatory of Music and Faculty of Music of UNAM.


As a consulting professor, I support the strengthening of children's orchestras to help Mexican children, currently working on obtaining resources from the Nezahualcóyotl Symphony Orchestra.


I have over 200 studio recordings and 100 live audio recordings. I am Expert in the area of ​​music and hearing neurosciences, musical bio-interfaces, statistical techniques and research methodology in arts and art technology.

I have extensive experience in multimedia production and I am a producer and musical event management with 10 years of experience in the field. 



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